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SWVADA Schooling Shows and Clinics

2023 SWVADA Clinics and Schooling Shows

February 26 - Educational Sunday at Alphin Stuart Arena at Virginia Tech. Along with an all-day tack sale, and 2022 SWVADA and BREA Annual Awards presentations at noon, it featured judging panels and demo riders discussing the new 2023 training through fourth level tests, a session on developing the stretchy trot and free walk, and a session on grid work. 

April 23 - BREA/SWVADA Spring Horse Trials, CT and Dressage (Green Hill Park Equestrian Center)

June 4 - BREA/SWVADA Summer CT and Dressage (Green Hill Park Equestrian Center)

October 15 - BREA/SWVADA Fall Horse Trials, CT and Dressage (Green Hill Park Equestrian Center)

SWVADA is planning more great clinics in 2023. Watch this space for dates and more information coming soon.

2023 Volunteers Needed


WE NEED YOU - Volunteers make our shows and clinics happen.

Sarah Edwards is SWADA's 2023 volunteer coordinator. This is a great way for an active competitor to get your hours "behind the scenes". 

We also need someone to serve as co-manager of the SWVADA/BREA shows we have scheduled.


To run a smooth and efficient show, we need gate stewards, score sheet runners, scribe, scorers, announcer and lots of hands for setup the day before and take down at the end of the show. A pickup truck for setup and take down is helpful, if someone can commit their time and vehicle.


We provide lunch and will schedule around ride times if you are showing.


Job preference will be given to early responders. No experience needed, we provide on the job training, and lunch for all volunteers!

Please contact Sarah Edwards to volunteer, and thank you in advance for helping out.













Q & A with L graduate judges as we ride through the new 2023 USDF Test sat Educational Sunday.

And special thanks to Banixx, Kim Reid (Bemer),

Blanket Safe, Coat Defense, Foxden Equine,

and Southern States for their generous donations

to SWVADA in 2022.

Message from our President

SWVADA is off and running with many events to engage our members this year. 

We have held 2 competitions at GHPEC, once again combining with BREA, with another scheduled this fall. 

Juniors and young riders, SWVADA has been given a generous grant that you will be able to apply for. These funds will be earmarked for training costs and will be awarded to members in good standing. Details will be available on the website in a few weeks.

As always, if you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me, or any board member.


Laura Nelson, president

Want to Enter Our Next Event?

Look no further!

We have a full calendar for 2023. You can find links to current prize lists and entry forms in banners at the top of this page.

Fun for Everyone!

If you are a non-rider just looking to spend time in the community, we would love to have you volunteer!


Come out and join in on the fun in 2022! 

Results From Recent Shows:


Thank you to the competitors who came out and supported our SWVADA Schooling Shows! Placings and scores are now available. 

SWVADA-BREA October 2021 Schooling Show

SWVADA-BREA June 2021 Schooling Show

SWVADA-BREA May 2021 Schooling Show 

SWADA-BREA October 2020 Schooling Show

SWADA-BREA August 2020 Schooling Show

RVPC Fall Frolic 2020

RVPC Summer Frolic 2020


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