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SWVADA Members

You must be a current SWVADA member to be eligible for year-end awards. Current 2024 SWVADA members are listed here.

Starter: Test

Beginner Novice: Test A | Test B

Novice: Test A | Test B | Novice Three-Day

Training: Test A | Test B | Training Three-Day

Modified: Test A | Test B | Test C | Modified Three-Day

Preliminary: Test A | Test B | Test C | Preliminary Three-Day

Intermediate: Test A | Test B | Test C

Advanced: Test A | Test B

FEI One-Star: Test

FEI Two-Star: Test A | Test B

FEI Three Star: Test A | Test B

FEI Four-Star: Test A | Test B

FEI Five-Star: Test A | Test B

2022 Western Dressage Tests
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