Awards and Standings

SWVADA Awards and Recognition Program

SWVADA offers a variety of year-end awards and recognition programs to reward and encourage members in good standing.  Categories include:

Horse/Rider Team Award(s):

  • Schooling Show Horse of the Year Awards: Introductory through FEI Levels

  • Licensed Show Horse of the Year Awards: Training through FEI Levels

  • Musical Freestyle Awards: Licensed and schooling shows

  • Western Dressage Awards

  • Schooling Show Series Championship

 Horse Award(s):

  • FEI 5 & 6 Year-Old Awards

 Rider Awards:

  • McDonald Farms Amateur Rider

  • Junior/Young Rider (through age 21)

  • SWVADA Medals: Gold, Silver, and Bronze

 Member Awards:

  • The Barcelli Award


For additional information on eligibility requirements for SWVADA Year-End Awards and SWVADA medals, click here.

For additional information on general eligibility and score submission click here

SWVADA began offering Schooling Show Series awards last year. Here our our 2019 winners:

Intro Level:     Amy Kryder /Irie Man 65.312%

                      Rachel Roy/ New York Pretty 64.375%

                      Elizabeth Wilmer/Santa Lucia 62.437%

Training Level: Reagan Roy/ZLA Cordero 67.414%

                      Victoria Campo/Just A Reminder 65.000%

First Level:      Evie Washburn/Malley 64.310%

2020 Show Results

2020 results coming soon


SWADA-BREA October 2019 Schooling Show

SWADA-BREA June 2019 Schooling Show

SWVADA April 2019 

Schooling Show


2020 Point Standings

Congratulations to All our 2020 Competitors - itt was a tough year for everyone and just showing up was a major accomplishment

2020 Year-End Standings

Volunteer Hours coming soon

SWVADA 2019 High Point Winners 

Recognized Shows:

Training Level - 1st - Kathleen Kelly (Rhosa Bellah WS)

First Level - 1st - Laura Nelson (Wasabi)

   2nd - Dominique Haber (Eef)

Second Level - 1st - Laura Nelson (Wasabi)

Fourth Level -  1st - Annie Connelly (Agostini)

Schooling Shows:

Intro Level - 1st - Elizabeth Wilmer (Santa Lucia)

Training Level - 1st - Robin Halley (Simple Twist of Fate)

   2nd - Reagan Roy (ZLA Cordero)

   3rd -  Victoria Campo (Just A Reminder)

First Level - 1st - Robin Hally (Brett the Jet)

   2nd - Evelyn Washburn (Malley)

   3rd -  Dominique Haber (Eef)

McDonald Farm Adult Amateur Award

1st -  Robin Hally (Simple Twist of Fate)

2nd - Laura Nelson (Wasabi)

3rd -  Annie Connelly (Agostini)

4th -  Victoria Campo (Just A Reminder)

5th -  Dominique Haber (Eef)

Junior/YR Award 

1st -  Reagan Roy 

2nd - Evelyn Washburn 

3rd -  Ashley Wilmer

SWVADA Medals - Bronze Medal - Dominique Haber

Previous Year End Results

President: Laura Nelson (

Vice President: Tamla Nichols (

Secretary: Judy Altizer (

Treasurer: Annie Connelly (

Webmaster: Beckie Irons (

Members at Large: 

 Candi Hylton (

 Denise Lennon (

 Rachel Roy (

 Muffin Smith (


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