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The Adult Equestrian's Dream Vacation

We are delighted to once again offer this amazing opportunity to our adult riders: a weekend getaway in the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from daily responsibilities, to enjoy our equine companions, fellow enthusiasts, catered meals, and beautiful scenery.  This is SWVADA Adult Dressage Camp, and will once again be held at the beautiful Penmerryl Farm in Greenville, Virginia.

This year's instructors will be Jontelle Forbus and Jeanne Karver.  Information and biographies on both of these accomplished professionals are available below, and also on our SWVADA Adult Dressage Camp brochure, which is available by clicking here.

Once you have made the decision to join us in September, our registration form is available by clicking here.  

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Thank you to all of the presenters, volunteers, and spectators who came out to the 2016 Educational Sunday at             Flanagan Stables.  

We have already begun to plan for next year's Educational Sunday!  Please contact Meredith McGrath with your ideas!
2016 Adult Dressage Camp
Testimonials from SWVADA Campers

I believe that this camp is the best educational opportunity for dressage enthusiasts in our area and the biggest reason that I continue to contribute so much of my time to SWVADA. The generosity of spirit and goodwill that is exhibited at these camps keep me coming back year after year.
  • Marie Klimchuk (Veteran Camper and 2010 Camp Coordinator)

I had a marvelous and meaningful time. It was a transformative experience in many ways, certainly in my partnership with my horse, but also in other ways as well. As a first outing together it was a huge success as I came away with not only much more confidence, skills and knowhow, but also with friends and support way beyond what I would have imagined. Never before have I felt the love of clapping during several awesome moments of roundness and coming through at the trot, and the support that ultimately helped me and Pepper so much in developing increased confidence and competence as a partnership.
  • Vicki Kirch (Centreville, VA)

Camp was my vacation every year and I so looked forward to it. Spending time with my horse, enjoying wonderful friendships, and receiving top dressage instruction made for the best weekend escape ever!
  • Gary Goodale (Former President of SWVADA)

The first SWVADA Adult Dressage camp was held in '96 at Penmeryl Farm and I went with a borrowed horse, Battle Beam, and little experience. I was very much an intro rider and ended up rooming with one of the instructors! Had to miss the 2nd year since my husband, Tom, had been in Hungary for 7 months...felt it would be nice of me to stay home! As the years have gone by, I missed one other due to my favorite horse, Bailiwick, being injured. Missing a camp is hard...the friends we have made and the instruction are special! After that, I have not missed a year of going. I, always, signed up for camp, looking forward to it and really excited about it. This year, 2010, I kept regretting the thought of going...have been not riding as much after a big scare riding at a show. No more showing for me, so, I just decided to stay busy with being a SWVADA volunteer. But, after witnessing and helping to organize a ride for a sight challenging dressage ride, my desire for riding suddenly came back. The fear seemed to subside and I rode at home determined to make the camp. Camp 2010 was wonderful....made me realize that it is important for me to take time for myself....probably was the best one that I ever attended. Going to camp....it's just one of those things that I do for myself and for supporting SWVADA.
  • Blanche Mahoney (Former Treasurer of SWVADA)

Dressage camp. It is not the number of breaths we take that matters, but the number of moments that take our breath away or so the saying goes. That is what comes to mind when I think of dressage camp. I went to camp feeling so inadequate to be there as dressage was new to me and recovery from a fall prevented me from being in good riding shape. The instructors were beyond anything I could have imagined. They firmly but gently helped each individual and horse and improved each and every one. And, the "campers" were supportive and kindly in a manner which I have never experienced in my horse experience. As I reflect on the joyful times of my life, I will always breathe deeply and thankfully remember this experience. 
  • Susan Savage

Educational Sunday
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Dreaming of being the rider above in Penmerryl Farm's beautiful dressage arena?  This is just the beginning of the list of amenities that will be provided to you at SWVADA Adult Dressage Camp in September.
Jontelle Forbus

Jontelle was quite literally born into the equestrian world.  She was raised on a farm in Nebraska where her father worked with Quarter Horses.  It wasn't long before Jontelle began to branch out, exploring the disciplines of riding, and made the decision to focus on Dressage.

South of Holland, Jontelle had the opportunity to ride many young horses, handle stallions, start young horses, and prepare mares for breed inspections.  A pivotal part of her education was the opportunity afford to her by her mentors to sit on several FEI Horses.

Once she returned to the United States, Jontelle became a USDF Certified Instructor.  She traveled to California and began showing at FEI levels, and worked with many professionals who made an impact on Jontelle's life.  

Now, Jontelle has established her own business in Troy, Virginia called Cumber Farm.  Her goal is to represent the United States internationally, and she is passionate about developing horses and riders to the FEI level.
Jeanne Karver

Jeanne was raised on a farm in Indiana, and enjoyed exposure to many disciplines of riding, Dressage being one of them.  After graduating from Purdue University, Jeanne traveled with her husband to various parts of the country to accommodate his career in the US Navy.  This constant movement between facilities afforded Jeanne the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of personalities and disciplines.  In time, Jeanne's passion and respect for Dressage grew very deep and while she does still cross train many of her horses, she focuses her performance career exclusively on dressage.

Now settled in central North Carolina, Jeanne and her husband have built Karver's Creek Farm, where they have lived for eleven years.  The focus of the facility is dressage education for both horse and rider.  Jeanne is a Silver Medalist, USDF T2 Certified Instructor/Trainer, an "L" Judge's Program Graduate with Distinction, and a published author.